Hi and welcome to the About You page. Hey now? You assumed this would be about me? Fooled you once, because before writing this, I web-browser’ed “what should be in an about page, internet explorer?” and learned three valuable things from an article I found and the accompanying pop-up ad for a personality quiz. Those three things were, the about page should start by talking about the reader, people love personality quizzes, and, I’m a combination of Cinderella and Hercules. So I thought it’d be fun to do a quiz to see if you’re the ideal reader for Driftwood Lake. Questions below:

1. What’s your favorite season?

A) Daytime

B) Darkness

C) An actual season

2. Do you feel emotion?

A) I feel hunger and the color brown

B) Happiness, but at the wrong times

C) Yes

3. How many cameras are pointed at you right now?

A) No one has ever photographed me

B) There’s a news helicopter outside

C) Just my computer/phone camera :’)


Congratulations, you finished! If you answered A to all questions, nice going. You’ve given yourself away, Sasquatch.  If you answered B for all, walk outside with your hands on you head. Everything’s going to be ok except that you’re going to prison. And if you answered C to all, well done, you’re the ideal reader, I’m glad we’re meeting. 


I’m Jason Hommas and I live in Redmond, Washington. You can find my Instagram page here.